"Shared City: Encountering Boston through Wildlife" by Kirsten Tarves

When I’m in a new place, the first thing I like to do is get a sense of the geographical area: what it looks like and what lives on (or in) it. I carry around a ludicrously heavy camera – which I do not really know how to use – in case a particularly photogenic animal stumbles across my path, or, as is more often the case, I stumble across its.

One of the first wildlife encounters I experienced in Boston was the Canada geese. After five years in Winnipeg, Canada, I consider myself well versed in goose etiquette. Custom at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg dictates that you give the geese as much room as possible, and they rush after you hissing anyways. I’ve seen them pick locks to chase down fleeing students. Even the US military fears our geese.

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Reflections on 25th Anniversary of Independence

Twenty-five years ago, Ukraine declared independence from the Soviet Union, adopting an Act which established it as a separate state. Since then, August 24th has been celebrated in Ukraine as Independence Day, marking a significant event in the political life of the country.

In light of the 25-year anniversary, several students from this year's Harvard Ukrainian Summer School class have offered their reflections on what the commemoration means, how Ukraine has changed, and where it's heading.

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"Ukrainian for Reading Knowledge: A Space for Artistic Expression" by Jonathan Gonzalez

Art. Humanity has tried to define art for centuries, but we still have not come up with a concrete definition. For me, art is expression. The class ‘Ukrainian for Reading Knowledge’ served as a space for creative expression and helped me strengthen my definition of the value of the humanities.

STEM has taken over the 21st Century, and in my opinion, to the detriment of the humanities. As an inquisitive person I always ask myself, why do I study the humanities? The answer is simple. Because I am a human, therefore the study of humanity is worth studying.

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