“Extracurricular Activities”: Corruption Among Soviet Ukrainian Elite

As a research fellow at HURI, Olga Bertelsen is studying human behavior during the Holodomor. However, the talk she gave on Monday, March 20 for our Seminar in Ukrainian Studies covered a completely different topic: corruption among the Soviet Ukrainian elite in the 1970s.

The talk offered an intriguing look at the inner workings of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, examining nepotism, ideologies, loyalties, behavior on business trips abroad, and activities of counter-propaganda and ideological subversion. In other words, the “extracurricular activities” (as Bertelsen calls them) the officials carried out that went beyond their official roles as diplomats and foreign affairs ministers.

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Calming the Waters: Stella Ghervas Re-examines the Black Sea

At HURI, Stella Ghervas is carrying out research on the Black Sea coastal areas, as part of her larger project on the Black Sea region. Her work challenges the idea that the Black Sea space naturally leads to conflict and nationalism, while assessing economic development, population increases, and growth of cities during a time of "thawed" relations.

On Monday, her talk, "Calming the Waters: Toward a New History of the Black Sea," will examine the history and historiography of the Black Sea. In a different approach to its history, Ghervas argues, could lie the key to "calming the waters," i.e. fostering peace and prosperity in the region.

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What Did the Crimean Khan Think? Sait Ocakli Investigates

On Monday, April 10, Sait Ocakli will present his recent research at HURI's Seminar in Ukrainian Studies. His talk, entitled Crimean Khan Mehmed Giray IV’S Involvement in the Polish-Muscovite Struggle over Ukraine (1654-1666)," takes place from 4:15 to 6:00 pm. Ocakli is currently a Eugene and Daymel Shklar Research Fellow at HURI. His talk brings a unique look at how the Crimean Khan viewed Eastern European affairs in the 17th century. "Studies on Eastern European diplomatic history tend to treat the Crimean Khanate on the sidelines," he said. "I aspire to bring the Crimean Khanate into the center of my analysis." 

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