Audio Event: The Russian (Dis)Information Sphere


Saturday, March 12, 2022, 1:00pm to 2:30pm


Clubhouse app / web browser

With Hannah Chapman, Karen and Adeed Dawisha Assistant Professor of Political Science at Miami University and Faculty Associate at the Havighurst Center for Russian and Post-Soviet Studies

This expert deep-dive will cover: 

  1. The Russian information landscape throughout history (How did we get to where we are now? How has the Russian strategy included information itself as a weapon?)
  2. The contemporary media landscape (How do people in Russia get information? Are we in a total media blackout?)
  3. Protests in Russia (What’s the impact? How are people getting information about organizing? What are alternative sources of information? What are the risks people are taking in protesting and speaking out?)
  4. Political psychology and the information sphere (How does Putin have such a hold over people in Russia? What’s effective at changing people’s minds? How is this a phenomenon that goes far beyond Russia?)

Readings on AverPoint.

You can listen to the talk through a web browser. To ask questions and participate in the discussion, join on Clubhouse (requires the Clubhouse app and account on a smartphone). Here is the link to access the talk.

This event is part of a series of talks organized by HURI in collaboration with AverPoint, a media literacy app, and Clubhouse, a social audio app. The purpose of these talks are to bring expert insights on Ukraine to a broad population.