Valerii Zema

Senior Research Fellow, Institute of History of Ukraine, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Title of Research

Reflections on the Origins of the Polemic Between Byzantium and the West in the Renaissance



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At HURI Spring 2023

Vadym Adadurov

Professor of Modern European History, History Department, Ukrainian Catholic University
Title of Research

A Ukrainian Historical Myth in a Comparative Approach of the Invention of National Traditions: “The Deduction of the Rights...

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At HURI Spring 2023
Markian Dobczansky

Markian Dobczansky

Independent Scholar, History of Ukraine, Russia, and the Soviet Union
Society Administrator, Central Eurasian Studies Society
Administrative Associate, Shevchenko Scientific Society
Markian Dobczansky is a historian of Ukraine, Russia, and the Soviet Union, with special emphasis on urban history and the transnational Cold... Read more about Markian Dobczansky