MAPA: Digital Atlas of Ukraine Website Gets New Look

March 18, 2021
MAPA website screenshot

The new MAPA: Digital Atlas of Ukraine website offers a fresh new look as well as easier navigation to explore the program's resources, tools, and analysis.

New and improved website; same URL and powerful resources

It's easier than ever to get started with MAPA, whether you want to learn about our team's analysis of MAPA data or explore the web maps to investigate your own research questions.

MAPA website

Streamlined design

MAPA: Digital Atlas of Ukraine began with the Great Famine project which then branched out into the Historical and Contemporary Atlases. Each atlas expanded in the form of multiple projects and modules, which gave the program impressive depth but also a complicated structure.

In addition to the maps themselves, the MAPA project includes analytical articles, publications, training resources, supplementary material such as images, and information about sources.

The new website is designed to streamline the results of MAPA's organic development, making the program as a whole more cohesive while ensuring each individual component is easy to access.

MAPA website cards