Online Release: Volume 37 (Number 3–4) of Harvard Ukrainian Studies

March 26, 2021
Cover image of HUS 37, 3-4, showing woman police officers

We're pleased to announce the latest issue of Harvard Ukrainian Studies, volume 37, issue no. 3–4 (2020). The full Table of Contents is posted on our website, with articles appearing  consecutively over the coming weeks, instantly accessible to subscribers.

Cover image of HUS 37, 3-4, showing woman police officers

Volume 37, Numbers 3–4

This issue contains articles on American perceptions of the entrenchment of Stalinism in Ukraine in the 1930s and on present-day questions that include post-Maidan revamping of law enforcement and language law.

Ray Gamache reexamines the discursive chain connecting FDR’s recognition of the Soviet Union with the Holodomor. Nick Kupensky writes about Margaret Burke-White, the first American artist to gain access to large-scale construction sites such as Dniprohes at the time of the First Five-Year Plan. Basing himself on five case studies, Nicholas Pehlman provides an in-depth overview of the political competition for control over law enforcement that accompanied Ukraine’s most recent reforms in that sector. Lada Kolomiyets investigates the semantic shifts that occur in translations of official documents, such as the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages, and their impact on the war in Donbas.

The issue concludes with a large section of book reviews.

Articles and reviews from this issue will be published online consecutively, including some materials in open access. Subscribers to Harvard Ukrainian Studies will receive full access to both the HTML and the PDF versions of all articles and reviews once they are published online. The print edition of this issue is forthcoming in the next few weeks, and the full, downloadable PDF will be available for purchase through the website as well.

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