Sneak Peak: What's on Deck for HURI's Publications Program

April 9, 2021
Shelf with covers of four books

HURI’s publications program has confirmed the next batch of books slated for release.

Book shelf showing covers of four books

In addition to several journal issues in 2021, HURI’s planned projects include four new books. More information about these and other works can be found on the HURI Books website. If you're interested in a particular book, you can sign up to receive notification as soon as the book is released.

2021 Book Projects

Cover of Kulik book

Jews in Old Rus′: A Documentary History

Alexander Kulik

Alexander Kulik presents English translations alongside the original texts of documents in Latin, Hebrew, Church Slavonic, and Arabic on the history of Jews in Old Rus´ that provide a unique insight into Slavic-Jewish relations.

Cover of Pliguzov book

Documentary Sources on the History of Rus' Metropolitanate: The Fourteenth to the Early Sixteenth Centuries

Andrei I. Pliguzov

This work is an extensive collection of letters and documents relating to the late medieval Orthodox Church, edited and curated by the renowned medievalist Andrei Pliguzov.

Cover of Plokhy book

The Frontline: Essays on Ukraine’s Past and Present

Serhii Plokhy

The Frontline features essays at the intersection of Ukrainian history and politics, which help to explain the country and the nation at the center of Europe’s latest war. It serves as a companion to Plokhii’s acclaimed books, The Gates of Europe and Chernobyl.

Cover of Aseyev book

In Isolation: Dispatches from Occupied Donbas

Stanislav Aseyev
Translated by Lidia Wolanskyj

Writer and journalist Stanislav Aseyev details the internal and external changes observed in the cities of Makiïvka and Donetsk in eastern Ukraine. The author's testimony ends with his arrest for publishing his dispatches and his subsequent imprisonment.

Recently published volumes by HURI include Ukraine's Nuclear Disarmament by Yuri Kostenko, Survival as Victory by Oksana Kis, and Ukrainian Nationalism in the Age of Extremes by Trevor Erlacher, in addition to semi-annual issues of the journal Harvard Ukrainian Studies