TCUP Brief 3: Russia's War Crimes in Ukraine

May 9, 2022
TCUP Brief cover image

TCUP Brief cover imageIn the third TCUP Brief, Emily Channell-Justice examines reports of war crimes committed during Russia's unprovoked invasion of Ukraine and assault on Ukrainian cities.

What constitutes a war crime? If war crimes exist, can they be prosecuted? Will Putin and Russian soldiers be held responsible?

TCUP Briefs will return to this topic as the facts come to light in besieged cities like Bucha and Mariupol.

TCUP Briefs are 3-5 minute videos featuring TCUP Director Emily Channell-Justice, who presents several core takeaways from a recent event she attended or paper she read. Each Brief video is accompanied by a full transcript as well as links to the original source, referenced materials, and related resources for those who would like to explore further. TCUP plans to post one to two Briefs weekly as part of its effort to disseminate research and analysis on Russia's war against Ukraine.

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