TCUP Series Examines Ukraine's Judicial Reform

December 18, 2020
TCUP court crisis cover image

TCUP court crisis cover image

Ukraine is once again struggling to move beyond its reputation as a haven for corrupt practices. This time, the crisis revolves around the Constitutional Court and must be understood in the context of failed judicial reforms since the Euromaidan protests ended in 2014.

How did the crisis unfold, and why is it so essential to Ukraine’s future democracy?

This TCUP Commentary series is devoted to the subject, offering an overview of the crisis, insights from experts, and a deep look at one of the new institutions at the heart of Ukraine's judicial reform, the High Anti-Corruption Court.

Ukraine's Judicial Institutions: A Primer 

Ukraine's Constitutional Court Crisis, Explained

Ukraine's Constitutional Court Crisis: Experts Weigh In

Can the High Anti-Corruption Court Fix Ukraine's Corruption Problem? Q&A with REECA Grad Ivanna Kuz

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