Fellows for Academic Year 2013-2014

Hanna Bazhenova

Institute of East-Central Europe, Poland, Research Fellow

Bazhenova plans to focus on historians at two “borderland” universities in the Russian Empire whose work was closely connected to the language and...

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Tetiana Boriak

National Academy of Cadres in Culture and Arts, Assistant Professor

Boriak’s project will focus on oral evidence of Stalin’s crimes collected from Holodomor survivors. She plans to continue an analysis and the processing...

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Sofia Dyak

Sofia Dyak

Center for Urban History of East Central Europe, Academic Director

Dyak plans to compare the history of the post @World War II integration of two Central European cities, Lwów/Lviv and Breslau/Wrocław into new systems of...

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Liudmilla Grynevych

Institute of History of Ukraine, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Senior Research Associate

Grynevych’s reasearch project seeks to reconstruct the day-to-day life of Ukrainian society on the basis of substantial and varied sources, to offer an...

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Nadiya Kravets

Nadiya Kravets

Harvard University, Political Science - Postdoctoral Fellow, GIS Map of Ukraine

Nadiya V. Kravets is a GIS Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute (2013-2015) and a Visiting Scholar at the Davis Center...

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Nadiya Kravets

Nadiya Kravets

Harvard University, Postdoctoral Research Scholar

As a member of the GIS project team, Kravets will focus her research on the current political movements in Ukraine. The Institute plans to incorporate the...

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Yuliya Ladygina

Williams College, Assistant Professor

Ladygina plans to investigate the complex evolution and dialogical nature of the multiplicity of socio-political discourses – particularly feminism,...

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Vitaliy Mykhaylovskiy

Vitaliy Mykhaylovskiy

Borys Hrinchenko Kyiv University and The National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Assistant Professor

In describing his intended research focus, Mykhaylovskiy first observes that early modern Ukrainian history includes paradoxical cases where several...

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Olga Onuch

University of Oxford, Newton Prize Fellow in Comparative Politics, SIAS, Nuffield College

Onuch notes that the “Orange Revolution” did not occur in a vacuum; rather such moments of mass-protest are connected to on-going mobilization in social...

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Huseyin Oylupinar

University of Alberta, Postdoctoral Research Scholar

Oylupinar’s research will focus on the impact of the Cossack/Ukrainian – Ottoman – Tatar past on modern Ukrainian-Turkish relations, with an eye on how...

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