Roksolana Mykhaylyk

Roksolana Mykhaylyk

Program Manager, Alexa Data Services, Amazon
Roksolana Mykhaylyk

Roksolana Mykhaylyk is an expert in Ukrainian Language and Linguistics. She holds a PhD in Ukrainian Philology from the Institute of Ukrainian Language at the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and a PhD in Linguistics from Stony Brook University.

Her main research interests lie in the areas of syntactic theory, language acquisition, and multilingualism. She has authored and co-authored more than 25 publications with 180+ citations. Some of her most cited papers are: Crosslinguistic influence in the acquisition of a third language: The Linguistic Proximity Model, 2017, International Journal of Bilingualism; Object pronouns, clitics, and omissions in child Polish and Ukrainian, 2016, Applied Psycholinguistics; Ditransitive constructions in Russian and Ukrainian: Effect of givenness on word order, 2013, Lingua, and Diachronic universals and morpheme order in the Ukrainian synthetic imperfective future. 2010, Morphology.

After many years of teaching and research at universities in Slovjans'k, Kyiv, New York, and Tromso, Norway, she moved to a new field of speech technology, launching the first Ukrainian voice at Google and contributing to various other Ukrainian language products as a consultant. Currently, she is managing a team of Alexa Voice content developers at Amazon, Boston.

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