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Jews in Old Rus': A History in Documents

Title:      Jews in Old Rus': A History in Documents
Category:      Forthcoming
Author:      Alexander Kulik
ISBN:      n/a
Publisher:      HURI and Center for Hellenic Studies
Publication date:      (Anticipated Fall 2019)
Number of pages:      0
Owner Name:      HURI
Owner Email:
Cover:      cover

(Working Description)

Jews in Old Rus' will present a complete multilingual corpus of all known evidence attesting to a Jewish presence in Rus’ in the 10th-14th centuries. All texts will be given both in the original language and in English translation, accompanied by thorough expert commentary.

The first of its kind, this source collection includes all known primary sources pertaining to the origins and early history of Jewish life in Old Rus’, primarily on the territory of present-day Ukraine. Chronologically, the collection begins with the earliest extant sources in Hebrew and Arabic that mention any presence of Jews in East Slavic areas (9th-10th centuries). The corpus continues up to the beginning of documented settlement in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, which ushered in the dawn of a new age in the history of East European Jewry
and Jewish-Slavic relations.

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