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"Kyiv, the Capital of 'Modernity' at the Turn of the Twentieth Century"

By Jean-Claude Marcadé  in Volume 36 (Number 3–4), this article surveys artistic and intellectual life in the city focusing on key events in the history of Ukrainian modernism and avant-garde. It shows that the defining feature of this new art is deep attention for and fascination with forms, colors, and archetypes of traditional Ukrainian art.

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Recent Works

Disunion within the Union: The Uniate Church and the Partitions of Poland

Larry Wolff, 2019

Larry Wolff’s deeply engaging study of the partitions of Poland delves into the politics of the episcopal elite, the Vatican, and the three rulers behind the partitions: Catherine II of Russia, Frederick II of Prussia, and Joseph II of Austria (with their successors). Wolff uses correspondence with bishops in the Uniate Church and ministerial communiques to reveal the nature of state policy as it unfolded.

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Ukrainian Modernism

Volume 36 (Number 3–4), 2019

This issue of Harvard Ukrainian Studies features Ukrainian modernism in visual art and literature. The articles are prefaced by an introduction by George G. Grabowicz and accompanied by numerous rare photographs and illustrations. This issue also includes a number of reviews of recent publications.

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