HURI’s publications program includes a peer-reviewed journal and a variety of monographs covering a wide range of disciplines and topics related to Ukraine.

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“No German Must Starve”

The Germans and the Soviet Famines of 1931–1933

by Paolo Fonzi
Vol. 38, No. 1–2

This article  explores the channels through which information from the Soviet Union detailing the Famine reached the Germans, the attempts by different Reich institutions to control the spread of knowledge in German society about this human tragedy, and patterns of perception that shaped the German view of the Famine,. Against this framework the article details the policy enacted by different organizations to provide relief to the starving Germans, both ethnic Germans and German citizens, who were living in the USSR. 

Recent Works

The Frontline: Essays on Ukraine's Past and Present

Serhii Plokhy, 2021

The Frontline presents a selection of essays drawn together for the first time to form a companion volume to Plokhy’s The Gates of Europe and Chernobyl.

Juxtaposing Ukraine’s history to the contemporary politics of memory, this volume provides a multidimensional image of a country that continues to make headlines around the world. Eloquent in style and comprehensive in approach, the essays collected here reveal the roots of the ongoing political, cultural, and military conflict in Ukraine, the largest country in Europe.

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Latest issue

Volume 38 (Number 1–2), 2021

This issue of Harvard Ukrainian Studies contains five articles on topics ranging from the history and literature of Kyivan Rus´ to the aftermath of the Revolution of Dignity of 2014.

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