Scholars from around the world come to Harvard for focused research on projects in Ukrainian history, literature, philology, and related areas of study. Fellows also participate in the scholarly life of the University and offer a formal presentation.


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Larry Wolff discusses his journey in Ukrainian studies and his new book Disunion within the Union: The Uniate Church and the Partitions of Poland.

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Fellowship Types

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Mihaychuk Research Fellowships

Duration: 3-8 months (usually 4)
Stipend: $4,400/ month
Offered annually

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HURI Research Fellowships

Formerly the Shklar Fellowships
Duration: 3-8 months (usually 4)
Stipend: $4,400/ month
Offered annually

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Jacyk Distinguished Fellowships

Duration: 5 months
Stipend: $5,000/ month
Offered biennially

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Graduate Fellowships

Priority is given to students who have completed general exams and are developing or writing their dissertations.

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Summer Travel Grants

Current Harvard undergraduate and graduate students may apply for funding to conduct research projects in Ukraine.

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HUSI Scholarships

Students taking a full courseload in the Harvard Ukrainian Summer Institute may apply for a scholarship from HURI.

Recent Fellows

Oxana Shevel

Oxana Shevel

Associate Professor, Political Science, Tufts University
Packard Hall
Department of Political Science
Tufts University
Medford, MA 02155
p: 617-627-2658
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HURI Fellowships offer a highly stimulating atmosphere for young scholars to develop and present their research. Having the opportunity to discuss ideas with some of the most prominent scholars in Ukrainian Studies on a daily basis or participate in the Institute's inspiring weekly seminars was as close to an ideal scholarly environment as one could wish for.

Daniela Hristova

Daniela S. Hristova

Shklar Fellow 2005-2006


Soviet Socialism Poster

"Why Isn't Ukraine Authoritarian?" Asks Nataliya Kibita

Why are Ukrainians prone to revolt?
Why, unlike Russia and other post-Soviet states, has Ukraine been able to avoid authoritarianism?

Eugene Shklar and Fellow Talia Zajac

HURI Fellow Talia Zajac Wins Prize for Kyivan Rus’ Article

Congratulations to Dr. Talia Zajac, one of our Shklar Fellows during 2018 spring semester, for winning the Canadian Association for Ukrainian Studies Article Prize for 2017-2018.