HURI Books Website Offers New Way to Find Authoritative Publications on Ukraine

September 2, 2020
Screenshot of Quotes Feature on HURI Books Site

HURI is pleased to announce our new HURI Books website. Bringing together information on all of our publications in one centralized place, the site makes it easy to search for, browse, and discover books on the full range of Ukraine-related topics we publish.

HURI Books homepage screenshot

In addition to functioning as a virtual bookstore to find and purchase books, the site includes information on forthcoming books and offers some books in digital formats: HTML, PDF, and ebooks. At the time of the launch, 10 books are available in electronic format, and more will be added over the course of the next six months. It is our hope that this feature will be particularly useful as we embark on the first full semester in the COVID-19 era. 

Screenshot of HURI Books forthcoming sectionHURI Books also allows visitors to rent electronic copies of books for a reduced price, with variable rental durations. This option is part of an effort to make scholarly material on Ukraine more accessible to students and scholars; it may be particularly useful for students in courses that include the books in their syllabus.

Conveniently, user accounts, which are required on this site to access purchased electronic books and save preferences, integrate with our other publications website, the Harvard Ukrainian Studies journal website. This simplifies the log in process for both sites, as a single username and password provide access to purchased content on both.

Screenshot of HURI Books login pageAs we add content to the website, it will become a portal for supplementary materials, as well. Already, the book pages suggest related articles in Harvard Ukrainian Studies, making it easier to find additional information on a given topic. In the future, mini websites for books may include author interview videos, interactive features, and more.

We invite you to take a look at the new HURI Books website and explore our publications on Ukraine. 

Commentary on the HURI Books site


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