TCUP Reports

TCUP Reports highlight new research and new perspectives on major issues facing contemporary Ukraine. They are geared toward both academic and policy audiences, and they include specific policy recommendations based on the data presented in the report. Because they are not peer-reviewed journal articles, the time between submission and publication is much shorter than for most typical academic publications.

The current TCUP Report theme is Internally Displaced Persons.

LPR residents attend e-vote training at an information center

Internally Displaced Persons

Passportization, Diminished Citizenship Rights, and the Donbas Vote in Russia’s 2021 Duma Elections
Fabian Burkhardt, Maryna Rabinovych, Cindy Wittke, Elia Bescotti


Nord Stream 2 pipe underwater

Nord Stream 2

The End of Nord Stream 2: Germany, the United States, and EU Law
Alan Riley, Senior Fellow, Atlantic Council

Woman opening cash distribution for IDPs

Internally Displaced Persons

The Governance of Social Support for Internally Displaced Persons in Ukraine: Low State Capacity, Citizenship Rights Capture, or Both?
Martina Urbinati, University of Bologna

Gazprom building sign

Nord Stream 2

Sanctions, Snapbacks, and Solutions
Alan Riley, Senior Fellow, Atlantic Council

Internally Displaced Persons

Displacement, Reintegration and Reconciliation in Ukraine
Part I: An Introduction

Emily Channell-Justice, Director, Temerty Contemporary Ukraine Program

Verlegung der Erdgaskeitung Nord Stream 2

Nord Stream 2

Don't Cross the Streams: Why the Ghost of Putin’s Pipeline Continues to Haunt Transatlantic Security
Benjamin Schmitt, 
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Harvard University; Former European Energy Security Advisor, U.S. Department of State

For prospective authors

We are currently accepting proposals for TCUP Reports on the theme of internal displacement and reintegration of the occupied Donbas and Crimea. Authors may also be invited to submit their work by the TCUP director.

We suggest reports around 5,000 words, although we do publish longer reports when appropriate. Reports are reviewed in-house and the time from submission to publication can be as fast as one month, depending on the author’s availability for revisions.