HARVARD STUDENTS: Apply Today for Summer Travel Grants and Graduate Fellowships

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HURI offers two annual opportunities for Harvard students to receive funding for their work in Ukrainian Studies. The Summer Research Travel Grants provide financial assistance for graduate and undergraduate students to carry out research in Ukraine. The Graduate Research Fellowships are for graduate students studying Ukraine in any FAS department, with priority given to those who have completed their general exams and are working on their dissertations.

Applications for the Summer Research Travel Grants are due March 8, 2018. More information can be found here.

Applications for the Graduate Research Fellowships are due March 23, 2018. More information can be found here.

Презентація Мовного Модуля Проекту «МАПА»

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Значення мовного питання для сучасної України важко переоцінити. Адже мова у нас традиційно вважалася визначальним чинником національної ідентичності.

Зараз, упродовж уже кількох років, над соціолінгвістичним компонентом проекту «МАПА. Цифровий атлас України: Революція Гідності» наполегливо працює відомий львівський вчений д-р Вікторія Середа, доцент кафедри соціології Українського католицького університету. Цей компонент включає два модулі – «Пам'ять та ідентичність» та «Мова». 

Модуль «Мова» дає змогу дослідникам бачити весь спектр соціолінгвістичної панорами українського суспільства між 2013 і 2017 роками. Він містить статистичні дані про використання мови й про ставлення респондентів до сучасної мовної політики в Україні. Дані, представлені в мовному модулі, дають змогу порівняти мовні практику та самоідентикацію українців по всіх областях країни, як в містах, так і на селі. Далі читайте тут.

War of Words: New MAPA Module Illuminates Language Practices in Ukraine

Language Map

MAPA: Digital Atlas of Ukraine provides an unparalleled tool for analyzing Ukraine along the lines of some of the most pressing topics facing the country today. HURI is please to announce the launch of its latest module (or thematic group of map layers): the "Language" module.

“Language is a key issue in today’s politics in Ukraine and the region,” said Serhii Plokhii, HURI MAPA Project Faculty Director. “The proposed change of language legislation was used as a pretext for the Russian annexation of Crimea, and language politics were key in the Kremlin’s attempt to create Novorossiya (New Russia) in Southern Ukraine. Today, the language component of the education law is the most controversial and broadly discussed part of that legislation.”

As Plokhii says, “You can’t understand contemporary Ukraine without looking at our maps.” Read more.

Ag Dul chun Troda ar son na Gaeilge: How Ireland’s Battle Sheds Light on Ukraine’s


Ag dul chun troda ar son na Gaeilge (Going to battle for Irish): Ahead of our upcoming Book Talk on Battle for Ukrainian (Tuesday, November 7), we wanted to explore the book's comparative perspective. Tony Crowley, who wrote “Language, Politics and the State(s): Reflections from Ireland” for the volume, answered a few questions about the state of the Irish language and the value of a comparative collection for scholars studying various regions of the world. Crowley is Professor of English Language at the University of Leeds, where he studies the politics of language, specifically the way in which language constructs, and is constructed by, forms of social power; as well as the interrelations between language and history in Britain and Ireland.

More information about the Book Talk can be found on Facebook and on our website calendar. Read the article.

November 7: "Battle for Ukrainian" Book Talk

Suprematist Composition Kazimir Malevich

On Tuesday, November 7, HURI will hold a Book Talk to celebrate the recent publication of The Battle for Ukrainian: A Comparative Perspective. Michael Flier (Oleksandr Potebnja Professor of Ukrainian Philology at Harvard) and Andrea Graziosi (Professor of History at the University of Naples), who co-edited the book, as well as Lubomyr Hajda (Senior Advisor to the Director at HURI), who helped plan the conference that served as the foundation for the book, will share their reflections.

In anticipation of this event, we are reposting an article on the book, which includes insights from Flier, Graziosi, and Battle for Ukrainian contributor Volodymyr Kulyk (Head Research Fellow at the Institute of Political and Ethnic Studies, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine). More information about the Book Talk can be found on Facebook and on our website calendar. Read the article.

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