Hanna Abakunova

Hanna Abakunova

PhD in Holocaust History, University of Sheffield

Title of Research:

"Ukrainians and Others in the World War II: Interethnic Relations and Rescue of Jews and Roma in Southern Ukraine"

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Mikhail Akulov

Mikhail Akulov

Dean of General Education Department
Kazakh-British Technical University

This history of the Ukrainian Hetmanate under Pavlo Skoropadsky in 1918—the first English-language monograph of its kind—will depart from the conventional...

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Polina Barskova

Polina Barskova

Associate Professor of Russian Literature
Hampshire College

This project explores an urgent and exciting phenomenon: the developments in Ukrainian poetry in the years after the upheaval of the 2014 Euromaidan and...

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Hanna Bazhenova

Institute of East-Central Europe, Poland, Research Fellow

Bazhenova plans to focus on historians at two “borderland” universities in the Russian Empire whose work was closely connected to the language and...

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Olga Bertelsen

Olga Bertelsen

Postdoctoral Scholar, Columbia University

Olga Bertelsen is a postdoctoral scholar at Columbia University. She will research human behavior during the 1932-33 Famine in Soviet Ukraine, the...

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